How online Writing works

So, what is online Writing?

I am not going to give you a typical definition of what online writing is, but let me build you a scenario.

    If you have a favourite site or blog where you always visit for news, entertainment or research, the content that you read on such site is generated through online writing.

    If you have a favourite gossip column website that you like to read about celebrity gossip, breaking news or even sports events, that content you read is generated through online writing.

    If you have ever been given an assignment by your lecturer and rushed to Google to find answers, those answers you get from your Google search are generated through online writing.

   Every time you google for answers online, thank the online writers.

If you have ever visited a business or school website, to get information about it, the details that you will read are generated through online writing.

So basically what am trying to say is that the internet will not be of much use to us without online writing. I kid you not. Why would you visit a site if not to find out about something? How will you find out about that something if there was nothing to read on it?

Look at social media sites, business websites, blogs, even YouTube have content explaining their videos for God's sake.

So, in one sentence, online writing is putting words together and getting paid for it, really. In some cases, it rearranging the words and getting paid for it, since if you research a topic all you need is to paraphrase the paragraph as long as you end up with the same message. Simple as that!

How does online writing work?

If someone approached you and told you to write content for them that makes them billions of dollars but you don't get even a penny, would you do it?  Did I hear a resounding no? But that is what people do with social media.

Knowingly or not ,  you have been generating online content. If you are a member of any social site you have technically been generating content for them. Otherwise, how will their advertising business survive if they did not have anyone to visit their site to write or read something?

If you have been updating statuses and uploading photos on social media, you are doing content generation for free. Technically, social media are advertising agencies, they found a clever way to bring people together and build an audience who can see adverts and promote other business, as the television and newspapers do.

Content writers call these sites advertising agencies.  Civilians call them social media.

Its time you get paid for your mad writing skills right? Where can you get people who will hire you to write for them? In this course, we will discuss that in detail.

If you read the next lesson you will get the idea of how you can start and succeed in the online writing business. I hope you are being enlightened .

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