Introduction to article writing

Writing basics.

Generating a topic;

In this lesson, you will learn how to come up with an interesting topic, develop it and present it to the reader.

 Don’t worry about what to write. There are vast arrays of topics that you can write about. Some guy told me that there are no more topics to write about and no offence, I couldn’t help laughing. No matter how much content is generated every day on the internet, there is no way writers will ever exhaust topics to write about.

    Generating your own topic.

Do you know you can generate thousands of titles from a single topic? In journalism it is usually referred to as coming up with an angle. You can choose a trending topic like weight loss and from it; you can generate as many titles as you want such as:

  1.         Effects of weight loss.
  2.         Why lose weight.
  3.         Foods to help you in weight loss.
  4.         Causes of weight loss.
  5.         Quick ways to reduce weight.
  6.         Weight loss tips.
  7.         Weight loss mobile apps and so on and so forth.

You can also choose a financial topic such as wealth and from it, generate titles such as:

  1.             Secrets of becoming wealthy.
  2.             Difference between being wealthy and rich.
  3.             Advantages of being wealthy.
  4.             Disadvantages of being wealthy.
  5.             Sources of wealth.

A common scenario in topic generation happens when you are writing a blog or generating content for a website on your own. In blogging or article writing, these topics and titles are referred to as niches.

We will talk about blogging and web content writing as we progress but that is it for today.

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In the next lesson am going to teach you how to handle an already suggested topic from a client.

Have a peek at what's coming on the next lesson.

  1. Steps to take when a client gives you a topic to research on.
  2. What to do when writing on topics you don’t have a clue about.
  3. Tricks and tips to do your research in a matter of a few minutes and meet that deadline.
  4. Steps to handle a new topic you are not familiar with like a pro.
  5. Tips for Handling freelance clients.
  6. Assignment.

If you want to hire writers or go it all by yourself, this is your chance and place to realize a serious and decent earning through online writing. 

See you in the course

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