Final Notes - The truth about failure and success

The truth about failure and success

You are probably wondering how you can apply the information from this course to make money. Sometimes job experience is not about how many places you have worked at. Sometimes it is the way you have applied the information you have, relevant to your field.

For example, you can write a blog post and publish it here at Clearphrases blog. That serves as work experience, add it to your resume. Write poetry, post it here, that serves as work experience, add that to your resume.  Send blog post request to other famous bloggers, when your content get published add that to your resume as work experience.
You see no one has hired you to write those blog posts, but it’s a show of might of what you can do. If a client sees your work and like it, it would not matter if someone hired you to do it or not, they will consider working with you. If you send me a good work portfolio of actual work you have done, and I like it I would not mind whether you have ever been hired in your life.  

My point is if you want to get ideas of how to apply the skills you learn here is to know where you can apply them. First, go to the internet, make a list of all industries and businesses you can find. Take, for instance, the film industry a writer is required to write the script before the motion pictures are even cast. May it be in advertising, movies, animated content etc. Write eBooks about what you know best and can actually help improve people’s lives and sell them. Start a blog on the eBooks or products you are selling, write informative content about it, sign up to ad programs and make income.

Go to our jobs board find work or a site that you can sign up and start applying your knowledge. I think the worst thing that can happen is not getting a job after this or being rejected. It’s you giving up. Everything takes time and when you fail to get what you want the best option is to come up with a better way and try again. Clearphrases, for example, is not an overnight success or if that’s the case, then it takes over ten years to become an overnight success.

Our first batch of students didn’t even learn through the site as you are. It was through the old mail methods. No one could easily trust you will send them lessons every day via email after they pay you.  I didn’t give up I found a better way and build my first website. Its wasn’t that appealing but it was an improvement and I started seeing change. My work even became easier since I dint have to send emails lessons any more. Students had to log in and start learning all I had to do is check the assignment.

This is like the fifth version of the first website seven years ago which dint even have a blog. This one has an even jobs board, a till number automatic payments and a blogging platform for thousands of our users and much more features.  If I had given up from my first attempt (since it wasn’t what I expected), you couldn’t have learnt to make your first dollar online as I hope you will from this course. We are still growing and probably one day this will be run by artificial intelligence but who knows. All am trying to say is don’t give up keep learning keep practising. It takes over ten years or more to become an overnight success.

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