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APA style

The American psychological association commonly known as the APA style is the most common style used in referencing subjects and units within social science in academic writing.

Citation and referencing

## Online books

Author (year). Title of the book. URL

Burton, R. (1832). The anatomy of melancholy. Retrieved from

##Books with up to seven authors

List all the writers (year). Title of the book. URL

Francis, R., Clarkson, K., & noral, W. (2003). The art of seduction: Foundations of cultural competence.

##Book with more than seven authors

List the first six author and three dots (...) then the last author (year). Title: URL

Medley, C., Margaret, M. L., Mary, L., David, E. M., Robert, K. E., John, M ... Harun, G. (2008). The art of seduction).

##Printed books

Printed books should be referenced in the following order

Author (year). Title. City: publisher

Anderson. F. (2013). Twisted bridges. New York City: McGraw-Hill

The same procedure should be followed when citing books with many authors as the online books while referencing printed books only remember to include the page number and the publisher when citing and referencing printed books.


Website title. (Year) page title retrieved from URL (2000) bleeding fingers. Retrieved from

Apa first page format


Advantages of space administration in monitoring global warming

Jeremiah Alex

Clearphrases writing academy

Using ms word for referencing

Most of these styles are available on Microsoft word at the reference section. All you need is to fill in the fields in manage sources tab and update them on your bibliography or work cited in your page. Check additional material in ``Download lesson`` for guidelines on how to use ms word for referencing.

For more citation and referencing styles for more sources check out

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