Where to get writing jobs

​​​​​​​Let's catch a breath and talk about having a life purpose.

Have you ever wondered what is the meaning of life?

What is your life purpose? Do you know what you are here on Earth for? You are not just a random chance of creation. You were brought here for a reason.
For me I believe I was brought down this earth for two major reasons, to serve God and build business empires to help people in need, everything else I enjoy is secondary or collateral benefit.  I know and believe I can take a kid out of the street and see them achieve their full life potential. Or even help you better your life the way this course has helped people earn a living through online writing.

Most people don’t think about their life purpose. They use other peoples predefined life template of going to school, get a job, start a family, vacations then die from natural death or sickness at some point.

Someone once asked me this question some years back "If you knew you were going to die an year from now, what would you do and how would you want to be remembered?"
How would you answer?

You were not born to just to work, pay bills and die. Give your life a purpose.

You were not born to just pay bills and die. Give your life a purpose. This course is integrated with life development knowledge also and at the end of it, I hope you will have discovered one.

Lets shelf this for later and get back to class now.

Let's get back to our topic now.

Where can you get jobs?

Before I tell you where you get those writing jobs, lets me tell you how these jobs are created.

Imagine a company has a new product they need to promote on their website, they need a convincing message so the client can actually buy their product. That`s where you come in as an online writer to write that message. This is what they call article or copywriting.

Any product details in the amazon website are done by an online writer. It is called copywriting/ Product description

Imagine a student who needs help in their college thesis or assignment or research project, since they are busy doing other things. Most of such students are business people, prominent politicians or kids from affluent families who have other errands to run. They will need your online writing and research skills in such a case. This is what they call academic writing.

Imagine a blogger who needs several articles for their site, they will call you to write those articles as an online writer.  This is what they call blogging.

You can also become a blogger and start earning through it. In this course, you will learn exactly how to achieve this. I am a blogger and I earn from my writing skills.

There are thousands of sites where the above people send these jobs to be done. These sites then hire online writers like you and me to generate such content. In this course, we will sift through the sites that you will profit the most.

You will learn which sites to avoid like the plague and how to actually get direct clients instead of using these sites. Obviously having a direct client pays better than getting jobs from a site, since the site must get their cut and pay you what they feel the work is worth.

What do I need to succeed as an online writer?

Am brushing through these details but we will cover them in-depth as we proceed in our course.

The first thing you need is not even a computer or the internet. You need to know how to write. Most people know how to write, but if you don’t, you can learn.

A doctor was not born knowing how to do surgery; an accountant was not born knowing how to do financial audits. An online writer was not born knowing how to do online writing. They had to learn these things until people start calling them professional in those fields.

We have taught dozens of writers and our ultimate goal is to hear from them that they are actually earning from the online writing business. Otherwise, why would we teach someone a skill they will never benefit from?

Online writing is done by people like you and me, as long as you have information to share you can do online writing.  Just learn some basic grammar rules if you don’t have any and you are good to go. Oh, and don’t worry about English writing and grammar, we teach that too. This is typically your one-stop shop for online writing.

Secondly, you also need a computer, internet connection and obviously a bank account to receive payments after your work has been approved.

Don’t worry I will teach you how different online payments methods like PayPal and Skrill work and how you can connect your bank account and also mpesa.

Okay, let’s start our course with this first lesson. Go through it and do the assignment I will send you the comments about your work after you submit.

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