Is academic writing overrated?

When I first laid my eyes on academic writing, it was love at first sight. I immediately registered to several accounts, academia research being one of my favorite.  I took orders, submitted them and gained a couple of dollars, then I discovered there were other high paying accounts such as writers bay and essay writers among others. I signed up with these accounts but some of them didn’t accept my application. I thought probably it was my grammar as they had indicated in the decline email but I came to realize, grammar was not the problem.

According to the reviews, there were people like me whose application didn’t go through because of where we come from. Why did they have to put a country in the application list if they didn’t want writers from that country? Anyway that is a story for another day.

As a member of hundreds of writer`s groups and communities in the social media, I have seen a lot of writers dangerously being over dependent on academic writing.  Every time I log in into my social media account I feel sad when I see posts like:

“Hey guys it is the low season, what am I gonna pay my bills with as an academic writer?”

“I logged into my academia account and saw guys bidding for orders as low as one dollar. What will I put?”

“When will this low season be over? Am suffering out here.” “My account has been suspended, my life is over”

 These are just but a few issues not forgetting my favorite, which is selling of academic accounts at outrageously high prices.

 I was once very attached to academic writing until I decided to come out and explore other avenues which can help me make money online. I found out some good avenues and they have been so good and even better than academic writing. At times I even forget when was the last time I logged in to my academic accounts to bid for jobs. Check out what have been keeping me so occupied for long.

Meet a plagiarism worry free writing: Transcribing

Unlike academic writing, transcribing doesn’t need resource citing and references. In transcribing you will only need to listen to an audio piece and then put down what you have heard in writing.  I know a couple of people such as Sheeroh kiarie and friends who have refused to let go in this career. They have made it in this field and they would choose transcribing over any other type of freelance job come rain come sunshine.

The important tools you will definitely need are crystal clear headphones and some listening skills and you are good to go. Transcribing is so lucrative that I can point more than enough people who do it and they live a very comfort lives. A good transcription sites can pay as much as $1 or more per minute. There are other clients who pay with even better. In case you are given a one hour audio piece, just do the arithmetic and then tell me it’s not worth the shot.

Article writing; a referencing style free writing

On the other hand, just as transcribing, article writing doesn’t need citing or use of the academic writing styles and paper format. Though in some cases you may be required to submit your sources, it doesn’t demand that much as academic writing. While academic writers are busy buying writers bay and Uvorcorp accounts, which pays at rates of $4 to $6 a page, is paying writers $24 per 500 words.

It is a fact that all the academic sites have long procedures and tests that can disqualify someone for no apparent concrete reason. I have a fellow who used very high quality samples and passed all the tests but was turned down for some vague excuses. The same guy gave these samples to his fellow friend who used them in the same site and his application went through. This is just the tip of iceberg considering there are other sites like Iwriter which anyone can just sign up and start writing articles right away.

Let your writing skills do the marketing and money making, meet, Google Adsense

I have been researching about the top blogging sites all day long and found that most of them get their income from Google Adsense and other advertising programmes. Google Adsense is a giant advertising corporation that pays blog and site owners to put banners ads on their sites.  With Google Adsense, you can decide to earn either, when a visitor clicks on a banner or when he or she sees a banner impression. These two methods are called CPC (cost per click) or CPM (cost per thousand impressions) respectively.

After registering for Google Adsense and your request go through, you can then decide to use the various content marketing methods such as SEO or social media to generate as many visitors you can to your site. When visitors see the ad banners on your sites or click through them, Google pays you a couple of bucks as commission.

Write one article, use it to make money forever, meet my friend; Blogging

In layman’s definition, blogging involves selecting a niche, writing content about it, getting the relevant visitors to your blog and sell products related to that niche. For example, if you decide to start a blog about weight loss or healthy living, you can decide to start selling beauty or health products after gathering good number of visitors. In such a blog, you can also write and sell digital products such as health and beauty guide ezines that inform people about healthy living.

I have friends who have started blogs such as freelancer Kenya and Ajirika and, they help people with mentorship and information which can enable them earn a decent living online and uplift their standards. With a blog, your work will be writing posts to help the society and finally use these articles to market your products.

In conclusion

I am not an academic hater, I have been doing academic writing for long and still do, but I just want to encourage writers to diversify their skills. When you have several sources of income online, you will enhance income inflow and the low season will be a thing of the past. So stop being a slave to academic writing and spread your wings, you are a free-lancer for God`s sake.