Don’t become a millionaire, it is horrible

Without a doubt, the thought of becoming a millionaire have crossed your mind like a million and one times. Of course, despite of the very many factors that may be hindering you from becoming one, every one wishes to be successful in life. Some of these factors include religion, personal traits, how you work and take risks. It is not a doubt that many religions have succeeded in convincing their followers to remain poor without drawing distinct boundaries and the context of the poverty they are talking about.

When growing up most of us have heard phrases like, money is evil, money is the root of all the evil and what have you. Like it or not, money is neither good nor evil, it stands on a neutral ground. What triggers the good or dark side is the way you use it. You can use money to buy drugs, pay prostitutes for sex or donate to a charity organization and help homeless kids.

Let`s face it, your poor lifestyle is inconveniencing you and you find yourself facing challenges that could simply be solved if you had cash. The fact that your fiancée pretends to understand but kept wishing to have a fancy date, but you can`t afford it. The fact that your salary don’t seem to keep up with your spending and your account hits nil before mid month. The facts that basic needs are challenging to get, but you pretend to be satisfied.

There are certain traits you need to develop to get yourself out of that dark hole. Some people are born with these traits while others just develop them as they grow and adapt to them. Stay tuned to the next episodes of this Inspire Mail Series to know the traits required to become a millionaire. First of all why not turn off that television, log out that whatsapp, face book or social media that have been keeping you “busy” all day.

In a nutshell let me tell you the goodies of being millionaire

Ø  You will have what we called financial freedom to buy and have anything you want. Whether it is that luxury boat or a real estate investment at the beach, the fact is that, you can afford it.

Ø  You can have that dream house where you can live in peace, without the land lord knocking at your doorstep every month. The kids in the neighborhood wont bang at your door anymore as they play and make noise.

Ø  You will afford to donate to charity organizations and make the world a better place. You will be able to touch at least one life every day, which counts to 365 lives an year.

Ø  You can be able to employ other people work for you as you think on how to  put that money they make to other investments to generate more money.

Ø  Instead of saving you will be investing.

Fair enough, maybe that loved one couldn’t have died if you had money to afford a nice hospital for the simple surgery. Those kids could be schooling instead of staying at home and put their life in jeopardy.  With money everything good is possible from the woman or man of your dreams, your dream lifestyle, good health, and pay tuition for your kids.

Money is power, therefore, it is not even nearly horrible to be a millionaire as the myths in some traditions suggest. It wholly depends on what kind of person you are.