Pay Attention This is imporntant

First, I appreciate you for being a part of Clearphrases writing academy, it`s always a pleasure to mentor you. Our two main goals is to enable you learn and secondly, know how to use those writing skills to earn you an income.

Without this, our journey and purpose would not be fully complete.

Our process has three stages:

Stage I - Learn and equip stage

Learn the basics and advanced skills to run and manage an online writing business.

Stage II - Build the perfect portfolio to impress clients.

At Clearphrases writing academy, every success and failure has a lesson to teach us. Make sure you submit your assignments at the end of each lesson for review.
You can then rewrite the revised version of these assignments and use them to build a portfolio as work experience and samples.
Please follow this link to build a work portfolio. If you need any help on it

Stage III - Clients hunt and market exposure.

 Our course is primarily entrepreneurial oriented. This means that if you can`t find an avenue to get hired, you create one.  If either your work don`t get approved by clients, you can hunt for the best writers and hire them.  Casing point at some level you`ll earn more than them as their boss. 

For instance, you get a job worth 500 per page or more you can pay a writer the standard 300 per and keep the rest.  Your work would be checking for anomalies.
You and your family get to eat and more importantly, you put food at the writers table. Its then becomes a chain reaction of life improvement. I hire writers too but in my case, it`s not always all about the money. Picture this, someone somewhere needs a source of income or they will sleep hungry or get locked out of their house. 
Assuming this person can provide good work and I hire them, when they get paid, some of that income would solve their problems.  I get this glow for saving a situation and make someone`s life better.

Straight talk

On the shallow surface it`s always about the money, but digging deeper you find out it`s not. Money is just a tool to meet an end.  Because if you own a home you won`t need rent money, if you grow food crops and keep livestock you would not need food money.  You would want food money to maybe buy processed food products but you don`t need food money because worst comes the worst even without money you can`t go hungry. 
If in some way you get all your needs fulfilled, you will start seeing money for what it is, a means of exchange. Mostly, glorified paper. 
This is the secret to success in business as well as in life. When starting a business do not get excited about the profits you going to make, ask yourself, what value is my business adding to the clients life? 
The client will not be excited about your profits; they have to see value. This value is measured in terms of feeling, solutions and memories.

This is the reason why clients buy

Feelings makes clients come to your business, solution makes them like your business and memories makes them come back to your business.
Your business should be able to offer a balance between these three values.  If you can`t create a memory in your clients mind about your business, no matter how quality your products or services are, some may never come back.  They are not obligated to you, there are other businesses offering quality service too, what will make them come back to yours? You have to give the something to remember you with? A good something. You also have to give them a good quality solution and create a good feeling impression about your business.

Take for instance, Safaricom, the most profitable business that sells airtime. What Safaricom sells is airtime, but what the client buys is not airtime, it`s that good feeling to talk to their loved ones over the phone, make business transactions, calling for assistance during emergencies etc.  It`s a feeling, a solution and a memory.  If there was way they can still have that value without airtime they will use it. Your phone can stay without airtime if don`t need to call anyone.

Another example, if you are in fashion business, you have to know by now some people dress for attention, that`s a feeling.  Some dress for business appointments, both a feeling and a solution. If you have a business brand they can associate with, or a beautiful business setting, it will create a memory, which reminds them to come back to your business for a similar experience.
Getting back to my point, in our case, if you decide to start an online writing business, you can start with a brand mentality.

Apart from giving quality work, make the client feel they are part of the process;

  • Send them invoices after they place an order
  • Work drafts to show work progress
  • Review at the end of a task

Tell them your experience working with them. Do not flatter them or be super nice or rude just be professional about it.
If you don`t own a website create a brochure, the end goal is to exchange information. If you don`t own a blog, have work samples.
At the end of the day, it`s how you make the client feel, the solution you provide and the memory you create.
You don`t choose which one to implement, you have to strike a balance since they are all crucial. Just like water is life and so is air and so is food in the long run you can`t have one without the other if you are to be successful in life.