Iwriter Review part II

What does iWriter pay and when?

The mother mode of payment of  iwriter is PayPal. It is one of the effective modes of online payments that you can connect to most banks in the country. For example if you have an equity bank account visa or master card, you can link it to PayPal account. This way if you get paid from any site online you can transfer your payments to PayPal and then from PayPal to your bank.
We will talk more about PayPal and review it as we proceed.

So, generally iwriter payouts are dependent on how you set them. You are provided with  four options for your payout. These are, 5th of each month, 25th of each month or Wednesdays or Tuesdays. You basically don’t have a limit, if you want to get paid severally times a week you can alternate your Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Alternatively you can keep your money until the 5th or 25th of every month.

There is a catch though; you will have to reach at least 20 dollars for you to withdraw your money. If you are doing 2 dollar jobs you will have to do ten of them, for 5 dollar jobs you will have to do four of them and two for ten dollar jobs. Averagely if you do at least five articles a day you will have no problem accumulating 20 dollars. This might be even a few articles pay. But trust me if you get consistent and serious about your work you will get your bills paid and have some change for outing and savings.

Lets review the good, the bad and the ugly of using iwriter and how to overcome them.

Pros of using iwriter

1.    Easy to join and have a variety of jobs thus avoiding work monotony
2.    Quick work approval for submitted projects
3.    Direct relationship between a client and writer can enable you land some private clients on the side.
4.    Responsive support system to handle complains and inquiries
5.    Direct projects access after you sign up
6.    Clients can provide tips for well done jobs
7.    If an article is not reviewed by a client within 3 days, iWriter automatically approves it and rewards the writer with a 5-star rating. This is an advantage to you as a writer though.

Cons of using iwriter

1.    Iwriter only uses PayPal mode of payment. But this is not much of a big deal since you can transfer money to other accounts from PayPal and access them anywhere,
2.    Payments are relatively low in comparison to other sites. This is kind of an advantage since clients prefer this site and hence there is always flow of work.
3.    You cannot copy paste your work directly from a word processing software like Ms word to iWriter text area. Though after proof reading your work from Ms word you can paste it to notepad and then paste it to the text area with no problem
4.    Sometimes they can ban writers from some countries or specific ip address. This is not a problem though since you can simply use tor browser which hides your ip address and you can access the site with no restriction.
5.    If an article is not reviewed by a client within 3 days, iWriter automatically approves it and rewards the writer with a 5-star rating. This is a disadvantage to the client though.

In conclusion, every business, job or activity you undertake to survive in this small blue planet has it perks. All that matters is how well you decide to handle the challenges and tantrums thrown your way. Our end goal is to succeed anyway.

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