Iwriter Review

As an entrepreneur I love the fact that you can actually sit down on your computer connect to the internet, put words together and actually get paid. I wasn’t a good of a writer or even a top scorer student in school. But online writing was the best alternative I had in making money online.

 I love it because it is an actual job where you wake up in the morning do actual work for a client, submit it and get paid. Fast forward ten years later I have done work from major local clients and international sites and I can attest that online writing business actually pays. Online writing business actually pay and I have decided to make a review of the top best paying sites and make your work a little more easier.

First site on my hit list today is iwriter. Lets see the facts, myths, tips and tricks of using this international online writing site.

A brief about iwriter

iWriter is a site for buying written articles or writing articles for other people to buy. Either way it is content generation site that you can make good money from it working from home or any place with your pc and internet connection. I have personally used it and I can’t brag I have seen it all but my monthly bills got paid though.

How do I join iWriter?

Okay I got to be honest here; this is the one of the easiest site to join. If you want to be a writer, just click “write content” and fill your details in the sign up form and wait for you to be approved.

How Does iWriter Work?

iWriter has three categories of jobs for writers. These are the standard, premium and elite job levels. Standard jobs category are for the newly joined writers. After you have written several orders and acquired at least a 4.1 star rating from the clients then you are upgraded to a premium writer. If you get a 4.6 star rating and above you graduate to an elite writer which pay higher than the standard and premium.

Generally as a writer you can make at least 2 to 5 dollars per article as a standard writer, 5- 10 dollars as a premium writer and 10 and above as an elite write. These rates depend on the number of words and clients requirements. An article can vary from 100 words to 1000 words or more. The more the words the more the pay but it also depends on the account category. For example a standard writer can earn 3 dollars for a 500 word article, while an elite one can earn even 8 to 10 dollars for the same.

Tricks and tips to survive in iwriter

The first instinct after joining iwriter is obviously to reach elite level. So every action and task you undertake here must be propelled towards that goal. As a standard writer it is advisable to take the jobs that have low word count so you can have as many articles as possible to enable you to move to the next level. Also take jobs from clients with high approval rate, i.e. whose rates are above 80%. Some clients are choosy and you don’t want to work for a perfectionist as a beginner.

Also iwriter have introduced fast track program that enables writers to move from standard to premium or elite level by taking a test. If you trust your grammar skills you can take this test at a fee of course. But if you are a beginner it is best to brush shoulder with the big boys and girls and rise through the ranks by putting work and start small.
Just pick your standard jobs, complete them and submit, let them get approved, pick the next and so on and so forth. You will be gaining skills and learning more this way than taking short cuts as a beginner. But maybe that’s just me.

All work is supposed to be completed and submitted within the given time:

1.    150 to 300 word articles – within 2 hours
2.    500 word articles – within 3 hours
3.    700  to 1,000 word articles – within 5 hours

Felt this article was helpful? Stays tuned to this review series and get the tips and tricks on how to get paid on iwriter for your work.