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Link to site ( is a freelance writing organization who has carved a niche in the writing industry. They specialize in providing the clients from around the world with the highest standards of writing, research and editing services. This allows them to provide great job opportunities to freelance writers who can meet their high standards.It strives to provide clients of all ages the perfect academic paper. In line with this, the company nurtures its writers by being with them in every step of their skill furtherance to achieve common goals set. Their writers are a big part of success thus they make sure that our policies are beneficial to them and never does the company keep its writers in the dark with regard to its policies.  Their writers are given the freedom to choose which orders of a certain topic to take, or they may choose to challenge themselves with orders regarding topics outside their comfort zone. Just always remember that the more the writers upgrade their writing level, the more they get to acquire access to various sorts of order and reap the benefits of obtaining above average earnings.

Qualifications of joining Asiawriters team

1)    A strong grasp of the English language and is ready to write academic, journalistic, creative, and technical papers;

2)    You are a degree holder, preferably Master’s or PhD degree;

3)    You are skilled in using the computer and have a stable Internet connection;

4)    You manage your tasks well and are able to beat deadlines; and

5)    You have previous writing experience.

Registration Process

Step 1: Fill out our Sign up Form.
Step 2: Pass the online test.
Step 3: Wait for the HR Department`s approval that usually takes two to three weeks.
Regardless of the outcome of registration process, each writer will be informed through email on the application that has been evaluated. Do follow up only if three weeks have passed without hearing from the company.
Step 4: When you have been approved, your account will be active once you receive your login ID and password. Then you can start exploring their site and check available orders and take those you can accomplish.

Payment methods and intervals

The payment depends on your quality and productivity as a writer. The more difficult and technical the order, the more the writer gets paid. stick to a twice-a-month cash-out scheme: 1-3rd and 15-18th every month. Depending on availability and preferences, you can choose either PayPal or Wire (Bank) Transfer/Deposit payment methods.

Tips and tricks of being a guru at

1. Write like you like writing.
It is impossible to write on demand or under pressure. Writing should bring pleasure. If you want to master your writing skills, you should try to write on a topic that appeals to you. You cannot write about history if you are poor in it. Choose something that will make you interested in your final masterpiece. If you adore cats or animals in general, pick a topic related to this area and start writing process. When you are interested in the topic and motivated to some extent, you will finish an essay shortly.
2. Just write.
Ideas will come to you while writing. You know, the appetite comes with eating. Writing should not be disturbed by relatives or constant calls. You may be surprised but editing isn’t recommended when you are writing your paper. It interrupts you and can even spoil the whole writing process. If you edit something, it is like interrupting someone while he is speaking. It is more beneficial to read the whole paper after it is done. Take a short pause, go for a walk or drink a cup of tea. Only after you have deflected your attention from writing, you can start editing.
3. Don’t stop practicing.
If you want to perform online jobs professionally, you need to write each day. It’s better to write one article per a day than 7 articles at once.

Online Reviews

1)    I`ve been working for for a year and a half. I constantly receive money for my work and haven`t experienced any troubles with it yet. On the contrary, I`m totally satisfied with my working practice there, as I`m always provided with orders and in case of being overwhelmed I can reject some offered ones. In this way, I can balance my work load.

2)    Good company for freelancers, side jobs with great conditions are hard to find, this company is a vivid example of the fact that there`re still companies which can please its employers. On-time paying and constant working flow create all the necessary factors for a good working performance.

3)    I have been working with this company since the start of 2010. I started working as a junior writer for the company. In this span of time I have been promoted to intermediate writer based on the amount of work I produce. I have always received timely payment for my work. I have been very pleased by the management team as they are a bunch of very generous people who work with full dedication and provide assistance to their writers whenever they require. I am fully satisfied with the company. They are good people.

4)    "Dear Applicant,You have passed all steps of the Application Process. Once your application is reviewed, you will be notified about our decision via email. It may take from two weeks to a month to review your application.Unless you do not hear from us within 30 days after you have submitted your application, please do not follow up on the result of its review. It will not get lost and our HR Dept. will surely review it within the indicated period of two - four weeks. If for some reason you do not receive any updates from us after 30 days of submission, you can contact us via

5)    Asiawriters is a company very old but with rules which are so unfavorable for its writers. Now I post this thread and some companies’ representative going to come and give a post stating they have never done so or they will do everything but in reality they never do so. Too bad indeed.
Being over one year in the business, I know what some companies do. I know the good companies and the bad companies.

Conclusion and recommendation

As an integral part of Asiawriters, the company strive to provide you with all of the necessary support and services available to help you and your writing. The company has built one of the most advanced online support systems to make your entire process fast and easier than ever before. All you have to do is write, and leave everything else to them. Their system is available 24/7, will aid you with your concerns via the messaging system of the site. They always strive for improvement of the services to their freelance writers that they can earn more and leave the other issues to them.

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