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How social Media is affecting your life

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Have you ever wondered how social media affects you and the community?well today I will take you through the effects.Studies shows that the Social media has great impact on the society.It has affected everyone and this is something we can all agree on.It has affected me personally and hence the reason as to why I write this article

Social media has both positive and negative effect on the society.It has affected the youth ,teenagers and the elderly.Affected our culture,businesses and our social life in general.The highest percentage of people affected are the youth.Besides connecting them with friends and people with the common ground,many of the youth suffer from mental health.This is proven by medical doctors worldwide.Alot of youth using social media are diagnosed with depression and other mental illness.

Unlike few years back,Social media has grown rapidly.It differ from paper based media to social platform.Paper based media is such us newspapers and magazines also traditional electronic media such as redio station,television broadcast and advertising.The most popular social platform are,Facebook,Twitter,YouTube,Instagram and Snap chat.The platforms has helped the society to promote and grow their businesses.Helped politically.Politicians are able to pass their message thought this platforms.They do their campaigns and connect with alot of people.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the social media
Helps in giving information and keep you updated
It can help in promoting differently things
Helps in Education
Helps in Assisting you in many things
Keeps you connected to your friends and loved ones

There is cases of Hacking in various sites
Cyber bullying which causes depression
It can be addictive
Increased cases of theft and scams
Security issues

How you use social media is up to you.Use it wisely,make sure it has positive impact in your life and not the negative.I can say social media has improved my life.

Social media has changed the way people communicate.It has replaced people meeting face to face.Number of people using social media has increased tremendously over the years.Study shows that alot of people spend more time on social platforms than they spend on other things.It has been proved that you can find almost everything on the social media

My word of advice is you should limit the time you spend on social media and spend time with your loved ones


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