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Over the decades,tourism has experienced continued growth and deepening diversification to become one of the fastest growing economy section in the world

Tourism is an important economic sector in several continents.Africa is fast becoming a renounce destination with amazing tourist attractions.The countries that benefit the most are Egypt,South Africa,Kenya,Morocco,Tunisia and Tanzania
These countries are considered to get steady and consistent income from tourism. These countries must be well developed,must develop their industry, must develop tourist industry . Burundi and Algeria are countries that get little to no economic benefit from tourism

Tourism is a sector that holds the promise of incredible opportunities and must be nurtured to grow and further develop. Many countries have recognized that tourism has the potential to become one of the main drivers in the economy.
Tourism is one of the strongest drivers of world trade and prosperity. Poverty Eradication is one of the greatest global challenges. Despite turbulent times for the world’s economy, these basic facts are unlikely to change. Focusing the wealth creating power of tourism on people most in need remains an immense task and opportunity

However tourism is seasonal the best months are April,September,May,June,July and December.Tourists can travel for pleasure or for business purposes.

The tourist attractions are
Forest and national parks
Culture and sports events
Communities and different ethnic groups
Art gallery and museums
Theme park
Historical trains and ships
View points
Construction and structures eg castles and bridges
botanical gardens and zoo

Top 10 tourist attractions in Kenya
Nairobi National park
Hells Gates national parks
Mount Kenya
Samburu national Reserve
Lamu Island
Lake Nakuru
Tsavo national park
Amboseli national park
Masai Mara national park

Kenya is known for its classic savanna safaris
Dramatic extremes and classic contrasts
There are deserts, mountains and open plains.The metropolises of Nairobi and its colourful tribual cultures,lake and Fresh water bodies
Types of tourism
Adventure travel
Atomic tourism
Bicycle tours
Cultural tourism
Industrial tourism
Religious tourism
Domestic tourism
Rural tourism
Sex tourism
Space tourism
Virtual tourism
Sustainable tourism

Current challenges facing tourist industry
It is highly taxed
Global standardization
Security issues
Health issues
Cost of fuel

Problem caused by tourism
Economic effect for example the jobs are seasonal
Geographic effects such as landscape and littering
The advantages of tourism are

If you have never thought of traveling you should.This way you will help the economy to grow.Try to be a domestic tourist.Travel around your town and your country


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