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Effects of Social Media

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Effects of Social Media

Effects of Social Media
Social Media is digital platform for public from all corners of the world. Social Media is a product of technology that has enhanced communications between people, group or individuals globally. People are able to share and exchange information inform of images, videos, written contents across mobile devices. Today, children are born and grow surrounded with by interactive networking sites and mobile devices.
Before you diverge your attention to the negative aspect of Social Media, you need to also think of the positive impacts of Social Media to lives and to the societies. There are some dents caused by Social media and some gaps filled by Social Media.
Positive Effects of Social Media
Education: Social Media networks has improved our learning systems, students and experienced professionals share the platforms. This enables student to post their challenging questions and get them solved. There are several groups and pages that are meant for learning purposes alone and hence positive impact to learners.
Connectivity: There is inclusive connections across the globe that is accrued from the diversification of Social Media networks. You can now connect to someone in UK while in Kenya or someone in South Africa while in Egypt. The connection has helped in reducing racism since it brings some sense of humanity to everyone.
Information and Updates: Social Media is silently overtaking traditional Medias, there so much that people sharing that are given a total blackout on TVs and radios. Bloggers are using Social Media to share and promote their contents and this is how they feed the public with information and updates. The cost of advertising on Traditional Mediums are also high and so business owners are the scaling the presence of Social Media to market.
The impacts of Social are so many, both positive and negative impacts. This article only summarizes the most positive effects to alert and to create some awareness to the public. This will help in providing solutions to the society other than blaming the diversity of Social Media networks.


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