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Beware , this is what they do – scamming.

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Based on a real life story

Daniel (not his real name) was breathing heavily, fixed on hospital bed, his face facing down the floor and sweating profusely, putting him in a dangerous position.

We never wanted to know what was happening to him. It was of no concern to us; after all, he had completely messed with us. Whoever wanted to take care about his condition was definitely our enemy.

We wanted answers and truth of the matter nothing else, about what happened. However, the person who was supposed to explain to us the details of our plans –that failed – was lying in hospital bed under intensive care unit.

When I knocked the door, nobody bothered to opening and even responding from inside. So I opened myself went straight to customer care. ‘Excuse me madam, am here to see Daniel, I quickly reacted. Am sorry you cannot see him sir.

It was indeed worst ordeal, looked helpless. Everything both in front and back was silly to me, nothing that looked appealing, to make matters worse, the doctor denied hungrily to see Mr. Daniel even with little time , so that he can talk to me and tell what had happened.

Earlier on, Mr. Daniel was expected to take us, sorry I never told you my other friends on this trapped and failed plan. Myniece and I were to be enrolled to job opportunity in a very nice company but far away from home.

We had finished secondary education, it was a golden opportunity for us and both of us was happy to relocate to a far town . Life in time was something I wished for, never hesitated to share with my other friends.

Before this happened, let me share with you wherethe trap was set in the first place. Sometime back Daniel had visited my grandfather back in upcountry. He looked like a messiah when he introduced the topic about job opportunities both to my grandfather and us.

Daniel had promised to secure us a job, since his in-law was the general manager. In our country though, those days, getting a job depended on ‘who do you know’ or who is who? Before signing that contract letter for job. It was not news to almost everyone. So when he approached us we though is an angel –God sent to come for our salvation, little did we know he was an enemy in white cloths.


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