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There is a big difference between being rich and being wealthy. Wealthy people know how to make money while the rich have money as it is said by Robert Kiyosaki. The possibility of the rich becoming poor is high compared to the wealthy. Wealthy know how to invest and become extremely wealthy. The rich depend on paychecks and once their employment is over, the cash stops flowing in while for the wealthy, they make investment that will last for a life time, because they are not motivated by money like the rich, but they follow their dreams.

Rich people have to physically work, but wealthy people have financial resources that aid them even if they don't work physically. In building wealth, knowledge and wisdom are the key things. Wealth will serve many generations, while riches can lasts for short times if no proper wisdom is used. One advice is, people should spend less than they actually earn in order to start investing earlier enough. Be a hustler and look for ways of accumulating income without you being there physically.

Always avoid narrow minded people, because they will contaminate you with the disease, instead be around people who have dreams and are becoming a reality. Wealth should be measured in terms of time and not dollars. Wealth is created by maximizing earning assets and reducing the expenses. The rich don't have time to even enjoy their sweat, but the wealthy don't have to worry about money they just enjoy their lives in peace while cash flows in.

They surely care about time and peace, and other aspects of life that the rich don't concern them with. The rich earn for themselves but the wealthy do it for others. They are more concerned about others because they believe in giving, they receive too much than they can give. The rich believe that when you give, wherever you've given is gone for good. As we do what we do to bring food on the table, think of where you are.



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