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Social media has both negative and positive outcomes in human life and in society today. It has corrupted many minds in different ways including addiction, cyber crimes increase, and promotion of idleness which leads to crimes. The time spent on social media has rapidly increased compared to the past. People use social media for two or more hours compared to the recommended thirty minutes. However, we can start by discussing the negativity of social media.
To begin with, cyber crimes have increased in recent years, encouraging suicides and trauma leading to depression. To meet and make new friends on social media is easy and unknowingly we can interact with the wrong ones. Social media encourages terrorism because the terrorist can make himself anonymous and attack the innocent. The issue is not only affecting the youngsters but also adults.
Research shows that spending too much time on the Internet leads to addiction and therefore promotes laziness. Indolence advocates for underperformance at work leading to joblessness and the dropping of the economy because of reduced manpower.
Peer pressure has contributed to too many people joining social media sites for their pals not to leave them behind. They follow every trend seen on social media so they can feel appreciated by their peers. Spending on unnecessary things intensifies the level of poverty goes up while the marketers go home with full pockets.
In the long run, social media has its own advantages some of them being; instant communication, an increase in sales and leads, stress management, gaining new friends and gaining new experiences and skills.
Foremost, social media has gained much popularity for its perfect communication channels among individuals of different social classes and states. They can make sales and negotiate until they come to an agreement in sales and also find new leads in business.
Through social media, an individual can gain new skills by the help of social media pals via the channel of social media. They can learn through videos, eBooks and chats bots; Therefore, they gain new experiences. Use your social media moderately to avoid health issues.



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