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Effects of social media

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Effects of social media

Social media can have both the positive and negative effects. Ill focus mostly on the latter. Cyberbullying is one of the common phenomena that faces most people when they are interacting on the social sites. This can affect the person negatively and lead to depression if the cases are serious. Over usage of the social sites can lead to unhealthy sleep patterns which can lead to low productivity from the people affected. Most social sites are mostly active during the late night hours. This shows that most people are on social media during the late night hours. Addiction was commonly known to face drug abusers in the society. Most people I the twenty first century are now being faced by internet addiction by spending too much of their time on social sites. This leads to situations whereby one cannot live without the internet. In the past many people did spend their resources in admitting their relatives I rehabilitation centres. Recently rehabilitation centres have set up for people who are faced with this nightmare of online addiction. This leads us to the other effect of misuse of resources. Following the discussion above it can be clearly seen that social media is a useful tool if used and managed properly but it can cause adverse effects if misused. The youth are on the high risk of being affected by the above effects which shows that the future of this country is on a high risk if this issue is not looked at properly.


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