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Why you need a winning mindset

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Why you need a winning mindset

Have you ever felt dissatisfied with the achievement of other people does your performance seem to depend on somebody else’s failure you might keep up with the joneses for lack of contentment and maybe competition. Now the competition is the order of the day throughout our childhood and most of our adult lives. For example, in a grading system, you are provided with a number at the end of the study period. This implies that you will be number one and win if all others lose and are below you. This perpetuates in life. In the corporate world, the boss will deliberately hinder the efforts of his subordinates to progress to ensure he always remains the top. It seems like everything we have achieved is insignificant compared to what others have done.
Comparing your victory to others automatically puts you to a state of discontentment. Wait a minute though, out there we always have somebody better than you. And that’s the bitter truth. This kind of mind set means that you are not enlightened on what you really want for your life. With a clear aim for your life, it’s not going to matter what another individual achieves; you will understand precisely where you are, why you are there where you are going and why you need to go. Sweet? Yeah, that’s how it is.
You need to develop a winning mind set. Knowing that you are capable of and will always succeed. With a star mentality, you realize that your achievement is not depended on the failure of others. On the contrary, your success depends on the success of other people. If you’re going to succeed in life and become the person you’re supposed to be, the truth is you’re not going there alone. We become persons for recognizing others as persons too.
It’s said that the strong and great people are the ones that lift and help others. You can’t be strong and push others down, of course, you lift them up. Right? In the journey of becoming great, you must help others to succeed and become great. You should not judge yourself according to what others have accomplished but rather based on what you want to accomplish. Being happy about others success starts with appreciating and being happy about your success.
Life is a race of a person. We are running a distinct race. How do you compete with someone who isn’t on the same path as you? Run your race with perseverance, there is an award. There is plenty for everyone, my way is not your way. In fact make your way better, greater and higher! You can be anything you want to be. The impossible is untried. Please go on and be you.


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