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Effects of Social Media

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Effects of Social Media

As everything has both its good and bad side, social media is not left aside. Living in this era of the information age, social media is rapidly growing throughout the world. Change has been effected in so many ways. But as people are so unique, it affects each individual in different ways.
Now, our minds are so unconscious and thoughts are unconditioned. What you take in your mind can affect your personality. A negative post may have a negative impact on how you feel about yourself. The brain is so powerful to act on what we feed in it. Reading a negative post may affect your ego which consequently affects your personality.
Believe it or not, social media causes anxiety. If you are so used to social media, a few minutes or hours away from it can cause so much worry. You may not be able to stand the feeling of being left out on what is happening, this may disrupt your normal working causing a lot of worry and fear. This increased emotional distress can cause an anxiety disorder.
Social media comes with non-health related risks. You can suffer bullying, and risk of fraud. Cyberbullying is not just a problem for young people but also adults. Unpleasant emails at the workplace can make you experience extreme stress which may, in turn, affect your performance. Conflicts may arise also due to disagreements over a certain post on media.
Social media can be very addictive. This may affect your normal life by taking so much time surfing. In a busy society, time becomes very key. When you are addicted to social media, you may end up not fulfilling your plans as required because you are busy on social media and not working to progress your life each day.
Spending too much time on social media can cause physical effects. You may suffer repetitive strain injuries like back issues, neck issues, and eye strain. As much as social media can bring a great positive impact to you and the society at large, it can also cause negative effects. You have it at the end of the day to decide whether to use social media to benefit you or cause harm to you.


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