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What You Should Know about Luthuli Avenue New Look

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Meta description: After a recent renovation in Luthuli, the new picture is pleasant. Luthuli avenue new look now has various business activities taking place as discussed in this article. 
The county government of Nairobi together with its stakeholders united for a mission of renovating Luthuli avenue. This was due to the view by the United Nations that the avenue is one of the congested streets in Nairobi. Luthuli avenue new look is characterized by expanded pedestrian walkways, tall buildings that contain various brands of electronics and other items. In this article I have compiled some business activities and various facilities found within the street.
Bars, restaurants and lodging are located within Luthuli avenue. Bars sell alcohol and other soft drinks. Alcoholic drinks are strictly sold to persons over the age of eighteen years. Restaurants sell various foods to their customers within the building and outside their offices. Lodgings provide accommodation to clients.
Electronic items such as mobile phones, televisions, radios and other devices are sold in various shops within the avenue. Due to the large number of sellers, the devices are sold at a cheap price to customers as they can bargain. Repairers of the electronic devices are also found within the street just near to the shops in case they are needed.
Luthuli has a good flow of traffic as it has road signs and street lights that are strategically located. The tarmac road is separated into various lanes by painted poles and planted trees. It has a pedestrian lane that is separated from the one used by vehicles and motorbikes. The installation of CCTVs along the road has improved security and free flow of traffic. 
Another thing that has made everyone see Luthuli Avenue new look is the presence of various commercial banks, and other money lending organizations. M-Pesa, equity bank, co-operative bank agents and many others are some of the money transfer platforms you can also find.
Despite the fact that hawkers are being chased and sometimes being arrested by the county police, they bring goods closer to people to the consumer and sell, them at affordable prices.
Petrol stations can also be found within Luthuli avenue that enables motorists to fuel and to put air pressure on the tires and other services as puncture repair.
Lastly, Public toilets that are managed by the Nairobi City government are also located within the street. Various litter bins are put along the avenue to avoid careless littering. Also, as covid-19 containment measure, there are strategic hand-washing places
In conclusion, Luthuli avenue new look has affected positively various business people as well as consumers. Just go and get a new experience for yourself but I know you will like it. I would like to thank all the stakeholders involved in the renovation of the avenue and I wish the services will be transferred to other streets within Kenya.


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