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How To Customize Your Blog To Attract More Clients.

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If you have created your own blog already, consider customizing it to fit the kind of message it is meant to deliver. Choose out of the different theme options available depending on how you want your site to look like. You can make some colour adjustments, add header and background images to bring out an attractive and organized look that will lure more people to your site. The following are the common areas of a blog with each containing tools that you can use to customize your blog:

1.      Header

You will find it at the top of the blog page. It consists of ; a logo, blog name and the descriptive tittle. All of these should be simple and with a meaning that conveys the message that the blog is meant for. They have to show professionalism since they build a brand recognition and creates first impression. The details in the header should encourage the reader to keep reading and come back for more. If you do it right with the header there is a high chance of traffic in your blog. 

2.      Footer

This is the last element found at the bottom of the blog page. It often incorporates; private policy, copyright and terms of use to protect you legally.

3.      Sidebars

A section you will find on the side of a blog. Here, you can add anything outside your blog’s context that you would want to share with your readers. The essential things to include are;

- A category List- It makes it easy to find specific content i.e. contact information, about the blogger and specific topics from your posts.

- Recent and most popular blogs posts.

- Social Media Links - Connects your site to your other social media accounts giving you the opportunity to connect with your readers through other platforms. If your readers trust you, it is easier for them to keep following you and for you to sell any idea, service or product to them.

- Call to Action (CTC) - Gives a direction of which action should be taken and how. i.e. ‘buy now’ if you have something that you are selling, ‘subscribe now’ to get updated on upcoming posts or projects, ‘sign up’ to a course or a program etc.

All these areas are important for your blog. You want to get more traffic and lure more clients who you can partner with as well as sell your ideas, products and services to. You can decide to monetize your blog by signing up with google AdSense. It pays you based on the number of times people visiting your site click on an ad displayed on your blog pages by google. Bottom line is, you need more people on your site if you want to generate income from your site.


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