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Freelance are terms used for a person who is self-employed and not necessisly committed to a particular employer longtime. Freelance workers are sometimes presented by company or private agents that resell freelancing labor to clients, other work independently or use professional association or websites to get work
Most people have become wealthy through freelancing because there is not a lot of capital required furthermore there is no tax to pay to the government, you therefore keep all the money to yourself.
They generally work home-based, at an owned –office or a co-working space .Most of the times all a freelancer needs is a computer with adequate software and an excellent connection to the internet
Usually, first the freelancer comes to an agreement with the client about the projects terms, costs and deadline, on some occasions, he gets an advanced payments before he starts working
There are some professions traditionally linked to independent work such as web programming, design, digital marketing, remote support and online writing but actually there are professions that are stepping into freelancing world such as accountancy and administration
Freelancers have a variety of reasons for freelancing, the benefits differ by gender, industry, and lifestyle .For instance, the 2012 freelance industry Report reported that men and women freelance for difference reasons
 It enable people to obtain higher level of employments in isolated communities
 The ability to choose who the freelancer work with is another benefit. They interviews a potential client and they get to pick where to work with that individual or company
 It is taken up by workers who have been laid off, who cannot find fulltime employment or for those industries such as journalism which are relying increasingly on contingent labor rather than fulltime staff.


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