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Online Writing Tips

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Online writing is a technique of observing, composing and posting of information through electronic devices such as computers and cellphones. This technology is also referred to as digital writing. It is a medium of giving knowledge as data with the basic aim of displaying the results in a smartphone, computer and any other digital device. The format used in online writing includes posting material or evidence of observations and comments on social sites such as WhatsApp and Facebook. It involves emailing, texting, blogging, messaging, tweeting.

Samples and Explanations

Online writing is different from offline writing, with the latter mainly done as hard copy media such as pamphlets, newspapers and magazines. One good thing about the technology in online writing, people can access the information they want anytime by browsing through the relevant sites using relevant devices. In for you to stay on top of things, you have to make sure that whatever you post is appealing and captivating. This means that your article should be communicating and flowing.
Online writing is not only knowing how to use digital tools. It also requires one to have the ability to present writing skills and processes as the mainstay knowledge. It also involves bringing on board the eventual changes in the present systems of writing and the message which is carried in the article.

Structuring Online Writing

Since most readers have the tendency of scanning through articles in email messages, web pages and blogs, the setup should be well designed, structured and positioned. According to (Jakob) Nielsen, the structuring of work should have an easy to scan arrangement. He confirms that constant use of topics and shots improves by 47 per cent the readability of any document. His study also ascertains that barely 10 per cent of those who read online documents does scroll down throughout the articles.

Therefore, in order to have a good set up of work, online writing should be in order, with the principal information and topics at the very beginning of the article, consequently followed with the other subtopics for a good flow and meaning. That should be the procedure and can only be avoided in instances where the main message carries some bad news or information as it can easily scare readers away before going through the entire document. Otherwise, the arrangement of email messages and web pages should be done like in newspapers, with the most important items appearing primarily as first topics and paragraphs.

Single Sourcing

This is referred to as, the art or ability to adapt, reorganize, update and reuse of content throughout various products, platforms and channels. There are many reasons for producing reusable content in online writing. It helps in saving effort, time and resources for the writing panel by producing once and reusing over and over again. The flexibility of content can also be created, adapted and published in various scenes and media like podcasts, videos, web pages, printed literature and advertisements.


Usually, blogs are written by individuals in their own personal language and view on matters according to their angle. It, therefore, provides, the most important chance in portraying the face of an individual and the nature of a specific production. You can be engaging, conversational, enthusiastic, informal or intimate in your production.


With all these put together, online writing which involves all avenues like blogs, web pages and others in use, dispersing, accessing and receiving of information has been made easier. It also has an added advantage as the vast load of information in the size of trillions of data can easily be put down and accessed through a small device very fast and efficiently. Thanks to technological advancement.


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