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Demerits of being a housewife

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Demerits of being a housewife

Women are ditching lucrative careers to have more time with their families. Since not all care givers are trustworthy they are made to choose between their careers and families. Not all women become housewives by choice, some are forced by their spouses. Housewives struggle to maintain a balance between house chores and child care it can be overwhelming. Thus it’s hard to find time for personal needs such as going to the gym or even salon. Although it’s fulfilling to be there for your family, staying at home full time comes with challenges.
As a housewife, you will be financially depended on your partner. Not all men are happy with the idea of being the sole provider for the family. In some cases women face emotional and physical abuse from their spouses whenever they ask for money. Unfortunately, all efforts of cooking, cleaning and even taking care of the kids are not appreciated. Financial dependency may result to feelings of unworthiness.
The society respects working class women more than housewives. When you are empowered economically you have a voice the opposite happens when you are not. Your in-laws may despise you and will not hesitate to leave you with nothing when you lose your husband. At this point nobody cares about your emotional or physical contribution to your marriage. Therefore it’s wise to find income generating activities to sort yourself out financially should this happen.
Not to mention, you lose your freedom as your movement is monitored. As a housewife your whereabouts will be questioned. Some men are insecure about their women being in public. Sadly, due to these feelings they stop their wives from working or socializing. It’s therefore hard for them to make friends thus they become stressed.
Loneliness and boredom are other disadvantages of being a housewife you may find yourself glued to the tv often which is harmful for your health as it will cause you to gain excess weight. Your priority as a housewife is your family’s well-being hence tendency to procrastinate crucial matters concerning your life such as exercise.
Given these points, deciding to be a housewife comes with challenges but there is hope. Online freelancing and offering day care services will earn you money at the comfort of your home. As a result you will contribute to the family’s budget and avail yourself when need arises.



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