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Effects of Social Media

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Effects of Social Media

Social media are platforms that allow people from all over the world to share their views on daily life issues. People’s lives have been impacted both positively and negatively through this platforms. Due to the advancement in technology it has become easier for people to access and disperse information through their mobile phones. Here is how social media has impacted our lives.
Negative Effects of Social Media
Increased insecurity through cyberbullying
Both children and adults have become victims of cyberbullying. Criminals create fake accounts which they use to scam people. Due to advancement in technology hackers find their way into people’s accounts and acquire their private information which they then use to manipulate them.
Spread of false information
People’s reputation have been ruined on social media. Fake death news especially of celebrities has been on the rise. When bad reputation about a business is portrayed online it may suffer losses.
Mental and Physical health issues
Using social media without moderation can have negative impact on health. People become lazy due to addictive nature of social media, hence gain weight because they don’t exercise.
Positive effects of social media
It enhances education by making information readily available
Learning has become easier, there are experts in various fields who share their knowledge. You can follow get in touch with anyone to a quire information without physically meeting them. You can educate yourself for free.
Social media Lowers anxiety levels
There are a lot of communities where you can share your personal issues and get help. You may benefit from financial or emotional advice through your connections with these communities.
We can see that in as much as social media can be harmful it has contributed so much to our well-being so you have the mandate to decide which way to go.



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