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It never stroked me deeply until recently when i heard about the story of one Richard Muchesia that indeed we have a big problem in our society. This monster called homicide is really eating up our society. I know i know you guys are asking who is this man. Some of you may have heard about him.

Richard Muchesia is a former MCA of i don't know where. He had vied for Member of Parliament position in 2017 but lost the race. But this not the issue about him i want to put across. Muchesia due to perennial domestic disputes,the guy decided to take a gun and kill his innocent wife and two children and later shot himself.

On Tuesday a woman in Thome estate also due to perennial family disputes,she also decided to kill herself after doing the some to her husband and three children. This list goes on and on and God forbid tomorrow another may be hitting our media waves.

Where is the problem?This is the questions left in peoples mouths and minds. As a sociologist the family is a key element in the society. Its dysfunction interferes with the better functioning of the entire society. Therefore stakeholders should take action and by stakeholders i mean religious institutions,counsellors and over rally the government.

There are quiet a number of questions pop up to my mind when i hear about this tragic stories. One is that why someone can decide to kill individuals who they love or ones loved. This victims are usually full of life,dreams, and full of expectations like children who have not even experienced life itself. Two where are neighbours at when this sin is taking place cause on thing for sure the is usually screams,arguments etc prior to the event.

The rate of homicides are increasing at a faster rate in our society. If no interventions taken then we are in for the worse and may God help us.



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