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I used to think that matters concerning personal health were to do with all of your body parts but never had it even once crossed my mind that a part so important and crucial such as the brain could also be affected.

The only thing that i ever heard about the brain was about the brain tumor which still remains alien to me up to date. I know i am not alone since their is a significant percentage who are like me. This health that i am talking about is what they call mental health. Mental health refers to a state of being emotionally,psychologically, and socially sound. This means it affects the way we feel,think and also act around people. It also affects the way we handle stress,relate with people around us and also how we make our choices. Most of us usually relate this disease to those who are rich and probably in marriages and relationships, but it affects us both the young the old especially we guys in campus. One of my roommates was exhibiting some signs and jokingly when we google some of them we found out that they all relate to mental health. This part of health indeed we cannot afford to ignore if we want to grow ourselves in any area of our lives be it in academics,work place,relationships etc. Due to this reason we have to be on the watch out of any red flags and seek help from our friends who we can trust,family and a counselor. Some of this signs may include:
1.Eating too much,too little or even non at all.
2.Sleeping too much.
3.Having low or no energy.
4.Helpless and hopeless.
5.Believing things that are not true.
6.Inability to perform daily task.



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