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Importance of Education in the Society
“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” by Nelson Mandera. This quote implies that education is a fundamental tool that plays a vital role in society. Through education, there has been evidence of success in society and a promise for a brighter future.
Education has facilitated the transfer of knowledge, skills, and techniques necessary for societal growth. Education has proven to be a basic element for progress in society. Education also offers unlimited potential for future opportunities.
The society has had an increasing need for education as it translates to great success in all aspects of life. Through education, the society has been empowered in various ways. Education has enabled the art of reading, writing, and comprehension of information possible. Relevant interpersonal and communication skills that are essential in all spheres of life have been attained through education.
Poverty in society has been eradicated through sharing of the relevant knowledge and information. This knowledge has enabled creation of vast occupational means for members of the society. The information gained has been used for economic growth through the skills of commerce and trade. The impact of education on promoting progress has been termed as a backbone to societal growth.
In addition, education has been used to foster law and order in the society. The harmony achieved has translated to safety and security among individuals and at national levels. Also, society has attained a code of conduct that influences good behaviors and sense of responsibility among individuals through comprehension and interpretation of information.
Lastly, innovation and creativity have been attained through the acquisition and utilization of knowledge and information. Education offers vast potential and future opportunities for society.
In conclusion, education is an important instrument for the transfer of knowledge and information. This instrument is vital for societal growth, exploration, and expansion of all human beings. Human beings have a right to education as it influences all aspects of their lives.
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