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Breathtaking and Exotic Holiday Destinations

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Breathtaking and Exotic Holiday Destinations

Going on holiday is beneficial for your health, and the benefits can last for months. Traveling to exotic places can reduce your stress levels and blood pressure. It also helps you sleep better.

Holidaying abroad is an excellent chance to break from your daily routine. It gives you a chance to experience something new because you get to see different cultures and experience other environments. Also, you get to enjoy different foods and drinks. Besides, you can have fun collecting souvenirs.

Traveling to a foreign country is okay. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, you will have a great time. You see life from a different angle, so it gives life a new meaning. There are all-inclusive affordable and luxury packages; as a result, it is more comfortable and more convenient for you to travel abroad. These are great deals that take care of planning, accommodation, and meals. Hence, you can focus on relaxing and having a great time.

A Beach holiday is perhaps the most enjoyable of all vacation travels. Holidaying on beaches allows you to relax and unwind. You can walk around on the sand, and also enjoy a wide range of water sports. The water sports include surfing, kiteboarding, sailing, boating, fishing, jet skiing, kayaking, diving, and snorkeling.

Some Exotic Beach Holiday Destinations Worth Visiting;

Cayman Islands

These beautiful islands are a popular holiday destination. They are popular with both beach revelers and adventurous. There is plenty of rum for the beach bums, besides the beautiful barrier reefs that beckon divers. Parents can take their kids for interactive swimming, while Honeymooners love hiking through the 200-year-old Mastic Trail.

Things to Do:

These islands also offer an active holiday. You can go hiking, golfing, diving, surfing, and snorkeling. These are the most popular activities. The Grand Cayman is more prominent and offers interesting activities. The slower-paced trips to the smaller islands are relaxing and make for great outings, and more extended getaways.

You will find something that meets your needs, whatever your interest. The best way to move about in the Islands is by car. Also, there are boat operators who can take you to the smaller Islands from the Grand Cayman.

The Best Time to Visit:

The May to July season is the ideal time to visit. This is because the hotel rates are lowest then. These Islands are warm all year round. The average temperature is 80 degrees F in the hot season, while the coldest season has an average of 60 degrees F. The rainy season falls between May and November. The Islands lie in the western part of the Caribbean, and as a result, they enjoy some protection from severe Hurricanes.

Bora Bora

This is a small and amazingly beautiful Island and is only 2 miles wide and 6 miles long. There are dormant volcanoes at the center, and in the lush jungles. It also has an aquamarine lagoon. The main languages on the Island are Tahitian, French, and English. Bora Borans like to move at a relaxed pace, which will help you to relax and unwind. Their life’s philosophy is ‘Not to worry”.

Things to Do:

Bora Bora offers a relaxing holiday. This small exotic Island provides you with many ways of letting go. You can cool off in the luminous lagoon, relax on the deck of your above-water bungalow, walk or bike around at a leisurely pace. You also visit the Coral Gardens and check the underwater life at the Lagoonarium. To experience local culture, make it into Vaitape. Besides, make sure you see Mt Otemanu!

The best way to move about this paradise is by Bike. The Island is small, and it will take only 4 hours to traverse. There are also taxis and local buses.

The Best Time to Visit:

The ideal seasons to holiday in Bora Bora are in April and November, while the weather is beautiful. During these months, the temperature range between mid 70 and mid 80 degrees F. The pick holiday season occurs from May to October because the rain showers are fewer at this time. As a result of this, many tourists and holidaymakers flock to the Island. The low season runs from December to March. During this period, the weather is wet, and mosquitoes are rampant. However, Bora Bora is warm all year round, and you can visit anytime you want.

The Maldives

This is a tropical paradise of pristine beaches. The Maldives is an archipelago of 1 192 coral Islands in the Indian Ocean. There are 200 inhabited Islands, and 80 are tourist resorts. The Maldives sit south South-West of India and part of Southern Asia. They lie between the Arabian and Laccadive seas, about 500 miles southwest of Sri Lanka. It is a conservative country that has been an Islamic nation since the 12 century. It has a rich heritage and religious traditions entrenched in the culture.

Things to Do:

The Maldives 1 192 Islands give you plenty of options to explore. You can also enjoy a wide variety of water sports. These include diving, boating, sailing, surfing, kiteboarding, jet skiing, and snorkeling. The visibility is excellent, almost 200 meters. The shallow lagoons and clear waters are ideal for snorkeling. Diving is perhaps one of the best here. There are world-famous coral reefs here.

Maldives many lagoons also offer incredible opportunities to enjoy a romantic getaway, honeymoon, or adventure-filled family holidays. The best way to move about is on foot, walk. Male, the capital city, is only 1 square mile. To visit other Islands, use the ferry services. Also, there are air taxis and speedboats.

The Best Time to Visit:

Maldivian holidays follow the Georgian calendar, and also, some of their holidays abide by the Islamic calendar. The May to November season is an ideal time to visit. December to April is the pick holiday season. However, the Maldives is warm throughout the year with temperature ranging in the mid 80 degrees F., and you can holiday there anytime you want.


Seychelles is a cluster of 115 islands situated in the Indian Ocean off the East African shoreline. It is a beautiful island with breathtaking scenery. Seychelles also has lovely white endless beaches, swaying palms, and giant boulders. As you enjoy the beaches, you will also come across large tortoises and colorful birds.

Victoria, the Seychellois capital, is located on the Isle of Mahe, which is the largest Island. Praslin, the second largest of the main Islands, is home to famous beaches and the Vallee de Mai Nature Reserve. In La Digue, you will find a quiet Island where bikes are the primary mode of transport. The sands of the Anse Source d’Argent beach unspoiled.

The main languages are Seselwa, English, and French. There are also some German and Italian speakers. The architecture is Victorian, and the cuisine has Asian and French hints. The Creole dance and music are a fusion of African, European sand Malagasy movements and melodies.

Things to Do:

Here you will enjoy beautiful beaches and water sports. The Islands soft, white beaches have large boulders in places. The water is warm and bright. You can also enjoy a wide variety of water sports. These include diving, boating, fishing, surfing, kiteboarding, sailing, jet-skiing, and snorkeling.

In the isle of Curieuse Island, you can enjoy the sun in the company of giant tortoises and colorful birds. Seychelles also offers incredible opportunities to enjoy a romantic getaway, honeymoon, or adventure-filled family holidays. The best way to move about is by bus. Taxis are also available.

The Best Time to Visit:

The months of April, May, October, and November are good times to visit. These months are transition periods between the hot and humid North-West trade winds and the brisk South-East trade winds. These months will offer you proper conditions for scuba diving, wildlife watching, and sunbathing. Temperature average in the 80s degrees F throughout the year. There is heavy tourist traffic in December, January, July, and August.


The Fiji Islands lie in the Pacific Ocean. Fiji is an archipelago of over 330 isles of which 100 are inhabited. These isles are aesthetically pleasing with glittering white sandy beaches and turquoise waters. Fiji is a dream destination for honeymooners, lovebirds, and adventure seekers, such as divers and surfers.

It is a place that will afford you that feeling of seclusion. It is more than 1 300 miles from New Zealand. Fijian customs also make you feel far away. It’s a world apart. The languages here are English and Fijian.

Things to Do:

Fiji’s 333 Islands give you plenty of options to explore. You can also enjoy a wide variety of water sports. These include surfing, kiteboarding, sailing, boating, fishing, jet-skiing, and snorkeling. Besides, the visibility is excellent in the turquoise waters. The lagoons and clear waters are ideal for snorkeling. Scuba Diving is perhaps is one of the best here, because there are world-famous coral reefs here. Surfing is also good because of the decent waves.

Fiji’s many lagoons also offer incredible opportunities to enjoy a romantic getaway, honeymoon, or adventure-filled family holidays. The best way to move about is by bus or ferry. Taxis, rental cars, air taxis, and speed boats are also available.

The Best Time to Visit:

The holiday season July to September will offer you a dream experience. That said, Fiji has an all year round tropical weather. Hence, the temperatures are constant throughout the year. They hover around 80 degrees F. The peak holiday season is between July and September, while the weather is sunny and dry. While between November and April, you may have to contend with tropical storms. Yet, Fiji is good all year round. So, you can visit anytime you want.


Bali is an Indonesian Island. It is famous for pristine beaches, rice paddies, forested volcanic mountains, coral reefs, and turquoise waters. Magnificent pagodas adorn its coastlines. Bali is a holiday destination that never disappoints! It has something to offer everybody from the beach bum to the historian, to the adventurer.

The languages spoken here are Indonesian, Balinese, and English. Balian cuisine is Indonesian with Indian and Chinese influences. It includes fish, meat, rice, vegetables and plenty of spices.

Things to Do:

You can start your vacation by enjoying a relaxing holiday. You can sunbathe on the beach, visit a spa, and enjoy the dining scene. For the historian, there are ancient temples and hidden shrines to explore. For the nature lover, there is wildlife at the Elephant safari park and the forested volcanic Mountains. For the adventurer, there are trekking and coral reefs to explore.

You can also enjoy a wide variety of water sports. These include surfing, kiteboarding, sailing, boating, fishing, jet-skiing, and snorkeling. The best way to move around Bali is by a hired car with a driver. It gives you the freedom to see the Island without the trouble of driving yourself. Also, you can use boats to visit the adjust islands.

The Best Time to Visit:

The ideal time to holiday in Bali is from April to October because it is the Island’s dry season. There are two seasons here; the dry season and the rainy season. Bali is warm throughout the year with temperature ranging between mid 80 and low 90 degrees F. The weather changes occur in the humidity and precipitation patterns. The dry season is comfortable, because there is no rain, and you can enjoy the beaches.

The French Island Of St Bart's, The Jewel Of The Caribbean

The French mariners found the place hospitable. They also improved the economy with vast quantities of loot from the Spanish galleons. The famous Monbars, the Exterminator, a French buccaneer of noble birth, is said to have kept his headquarters in St Bart's. His vast treasure is believed to be still buried in the sands of Saline or among the Anse du Gouverneur.

In 1784, Sweden bought St Bart's, and it became a free port under Swedish rule. Moreover, it played a critical role as a trade and supply center in the colonial wars of the 18th century.In 1878, France repurchased the St Bart's Island, and it remained a free port. It is a free port even today.

The American millionaire David Rockefeller purchased a property in 1957. It transformed the Island into an upmarket tourist destination. St Bart's is famous for its beautiful uncrowded beaches, world-class restaurants, and its casual French culture.

Where to Stay in St Bart's;

Today, St Bart's is the most elegant and exclusive holiday destination in the Caribbean. Holiday villa rentals are the main form of accommodation here. Moreover, many of them offer panoramic views of the yacht crowded harbors and the picturesque ocean. St Bart's has a wide variety of holiday villa rentals from which choose. So, there is something to suit your taste.

These include modern villas with infinity swimming pools, West Indian style cottages, and hilltop colonial retreats. Moreover, colonial resorts overlook the beach and offer amazing views.

These holiday villa rentals give you a home close to the Island's beautiful beaches. From here you can venture into the beaches, or enjoy a wide variety of water sports. The water sports include Jet Skiing, sailing, windsurfing, diving, and much more. You can also go horse riding, hiking, to play tennis or shopping.

Besides, you can go to check out the beachfront bistros and world-class restaurants. St Bart's also has chic and casual designer shopping boutiques. You will find these boutiques in the two main villages of Gustavia and St Jean.

Five Popular Places to Stay in St Bart's;

St Bart's is the destination to choose if you want peace, super stylish accommodation, and gourmet restaurants. It is also the place to go if you wish for isolated pristine white sand beaches and calm aqua waters.

Some popular places to stay are:

Eden Rock

This is the first hotel to open in St Bart's. So it has an experience of more than 60 years. Many celebrities grace the hotel's hallways. It is unique, with private entrances and pure neutral tones. Eden Rock is on the St. Jean Bay on St Bart's northern coast. So you will have access to silky, pristine sands and a coral reef.

It is a specialty villa, which will also give you access to a recording studio or a private art gallery. Besides, you can enjoy an in-room spa treatment, and there is a world-class restaurant. Moreover, this is a Relais & Chateaux property. So if you are a Club 5C member, you can earn and use your rewards here.

Hotel Christopher

Hotel Christopher is on the Island's northern coast. This hotel offers luxury seekers with an intimate getaway. Its large rooms have crisp Egyptian cotton linen and L'Occitane en Provence toiletries. The magnificent rooms also have private patios. Here you will enjoy top-end amenities that will help you relax and unwind. These include a stunning seaside infinity swimming pool and full-service Spa Sisley. There is also Wi-Fi connectivity. Moreover, there are two restaurants where you can enjoy hearty portions of seafood and other local foods.

Le Sereno

This is an exclusive hotel. It only has 36 suites and three large villas. It sits on the north-eastern coast flanking Anse de Grand Cul de Sac's beach. This hotel is ultra-chic, and the rooms have dark wooden accents and bright white hues.Moreover, the accommodations have private entrances and gardens. You also get access to deep soaking tubs and iPod docking stations.

If you are on honeymoon, upon arrival, you will receive a complimentary bottle of Champagne. While here, you can enjoy a relaxing holiday by indulging in a refreshing Spa treatment or stretching across the chalky white sand. There is also a world-class restaurant with a romantic atmosphere and breathtaking ocean views.

Cheval Blanc St Barth

While here, you will enjoy breathtaking views of the northern Flamands beach. This is a high end hotel with whitewashed walls and marble foyers that make it feel palatial. The accommodations here have bright décor and hardwood floors.

Besides, if you take the villa, you will have a private infinity pool. You can also indulge in a refreshing Spa treatment at the Cheval Blanc Spa. Moreover, at the La Case de l'Isle restaurant, you can enjoy fresh seafood and fantastic ocean views.

Le Guanahani

This is a great place to stay if you are on a family holiday. Le Guanahani sits on the north-eastern coast of the Island. It overlooks Anse de Grand Cul de Sacs and Anse de Marigot sands. It has pastel décor and plush cotton linens. The hotel can accommodate couples and families in cottages of various sizes.

The cottages have hardwood floors and luxurious furniture. They also have private terraces with gardens. You can enjoy Spa treatment while your kids take part in Le Guanahani's kid-oriented programs.

Moreover, you can participate in activities such as windsurfing, snorkeling, and Jet Ski. These are available for all ages. There are also two restaurants here where you can enjoy fresh seafood and other local foods.

Things to do in St Bart's;

St Bart's is an exclusive and elegant island with a wide range of activities to suit your holiday needs. So you can enjoy a relaxed or active holiday. There are many activities on the Island to keep you busy and happy. In St Bart's you will enjoy:

The Beaches

This is the greatest attraction in St Bart's. The Island has pristine, silky white sand beaches. There are around 14 beaches, and they are all public and free. These beautiful beaches are not crowded, even in the high tourist season.

So you can enjoy walking barefoot on the white sands, play on the beach, or enjoy a sunbath. They also have calm aqua waters. So you will enjoy swimming at the beach. Moreover, the beaches are ideal for a romantic or honeymoon holiday. You will spend quality time with your loved one.

Water Sports

There are a wide variety of water sports you can enjoy in St Bart's. The beaches here are suitable for any number of tantalizing water sports. The windward beaches are ideal for windsurfing, while the sheltered beaches are calmer because the land more protects there. Some of the most popular sports are:

• Scuba Diving
In St Bart's, each Bay has a reef to you can explore. Also, all islets have walls and caves. Moreover, the massive corals are full bloom and have multicolored coral fish all over. The best dives are around l'Ane Rouge, a small cape of Colombier bay or around Pain de Sucre, off the Gustavia harbor.

• Windsurfing
Windsurfing is a popular sport in St Bart's. Besides, the winds are often blowing at moderate speeds. This allows amateur windsurfers to develop their technique. You can hire windsurfing equipment at the Grand Cul de Sac and in St Jean beach clubs.

• Surfing
The windward beaches are excellent for surfing. So surfing is best practiced in Lorient, Toiny, St-Jean, and Anse des Cayes beaches.

• Kite Surfing
Winter in St Bart's has consistent winds averaging 18 knots. The temperature is 79 F, and the water temperature is 75 F. You can kite surf in most places. However, the eastern beaches are the best for kite surfing.

• Sailing and Fishing
You can choose from a wide variety of sea vessels. These range from humble dinghies that you can sail yourself to the crewed mega yachts.

• Others
Other popular water sports include water-skiing and Wake-boarding. You can also enjoy kayaking and paddle boats.

Submarine Tours

You can also go for a colorful underwater excursion without getting wet. There is a semi-submersible boat that will allow you to enjoy the wonders of St Bart's sea life. Besides, the vessel enables you to sit on the deck and enjoy the beautiful ocean.

Hiking and Horse Riding

Hiking is an excellent way to discover St Bart's. There are several trails to and from out of the way places. So if you can enjoy hiking, wear heavy-soled shoes, sunscreen, and a hat. Also, remember to stay hydrated and carry enough water. The most famous trail will take you from Petite Anse to the breathtaking Columbier bay. You can also go on horseback.

Spa and Well Being

Spa and Massages are famous in St Bart's. This is because people come here to relax. Several hotels also have fitness centers, and there are three independent fitness clubs. These have a wide range of equipment and air-conditioned rooms. There are yoga teachers to guide you. You can also practice Judo and Tae Kwon Do here. You can also enjoy aerobics, dance classes, and team sports.


St Bart's has some interesting historical places to visit. These will enable you to know more about the Island. These include;

• Inter Oceans Museum
This Museum has a collection of over 9000 seashells from all over the world. It is open from Tuesday to Sunday. Besides, the timings are convenient. It is open from 9 am to 12.30 pm, and also from 2 to 5 pm.

• The municipal Museum
This Museum houses a collection of Portraits, watercolors, and photographs. Also on display are costumes, artifacts, and historical documents. These relate to the Island's history. It includes the indigenous Arawak Indians. It also tells of the colonial battles between the Swedes and the French.

Moreover, there is a display of the Island's marine life, plants, and flowers. The Museum is open Monday to Thursday. The timings are from 8.30 am to 12.30 pm, and again from 2.20 to 6 pm. On Fridays, it is open from 8.30 am to 12.30 pm. On Saturdays, it is open from 9 to 11 pm.

• Le Manor
Le Manor is one of the Island's treasured secrets. In 1984, this 1610 Norman manor was carefully shipped from France and then rebuilt here. It was done in tribute to the islands Viking forbearers by Jeanne Audy Rowland.

• Lorient
The first French settlement was on this site. Moreover, it is a favorite for locals that surf. Lorient is also one of St Bart's two parishes. Besides, it hosts St Bart's only movie cinema and two markets.

• Toiny
At Toiny, you will see a beautiful yet rugged shoreline. There are stone fences that line the slopes of Morne Vitet. This is also one of the many hills on St Bart's. Besides, the rocky coast is similar to the rugged shore of Normandy.

Duty-Free Shopping;

First of all, St Bart's is a free port. So here, the range and number of boutiques and shops will delight you. Gustavia has the majority of the Island's boutiques. St-Jean also has several shopping centers.

It is easy to venture into the narrow streets in a few hours. St Bart's shops close from 12.00 to 2 pm. So plan your lunch with that in mind. It is also a good idea to use several afternoons to see and appreciate the place.

So enjoy your time in St Bart's and explore wisely. Also, remember to stay hydrated and to protect yourself from the sun. It is wise to drink a lot of water.

Places to visit in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a country that excels in biodiversity and versatility. Almost every part of the country has something different to offer. The most notable attractions being National parks, pristine white beaches, and the wild jungle forests. Costa Rica is also a very tourist-friendly country.

There are many house rentals readily available to tourists, so they don’t need to struggle to search for accommodation. With so many options available to tourists, it can be challenging to pick out which places to visit.

To make it easier for you to enjoy your vacation, we’ve picked out the top 10 must-visit locations in Costa Rica that you cannot afford to miss out on your next holiday.

1) Arenal
Arenal Volcano tops the list of places to visit in Costa Rica. To date, it remains one of the leading attractions in Costa Rica. It is truly a nature lover’s paradise. The mountainous area is surrounded by many waterfalls and forests, with quite a few hiking trails, varying in difficulty and distance, depending on your experience. Adventure enthusiasts can also take part in some exciting activities such as water rafting, and bridge swinging.

2) Cocos Island
If you liked Jurassic Park, then you’d be delighted to visit Cocos Island. It is the Island that supposedly inspired the movie franchise, and where quite a few scenes from the movie were filmed. It is located not far off the coast of Costa Rica.

Coco Island is also the only known East pacific island that has a tropical rainforest, making it a unique place to visit. Also, the Island is one of the only few places in the world where divers can interact with ocean-dwelling creatures such as sharks, eels, stingrays, and dolphins.

3) Monteverde Cloud Forest
This biological reserve forest takes pride in the fact that it is one of the best examples of sustainable tourism in the entire world. It hosts over 2.5% of the world’s diversity in the 10,500-hectare area of the park.

This sustainable environment houses over 100 species of mammals, 120 reptile species, 400 bird species, as well as over 2,500 species of flora. There are a few guided tours that cover the major points of the park. The park has an average of 70,000 visitors each year, making it one of the significant aspects of attraction in Costa Rica.

4) Santa Teresa
For those tourists who are looking to explore some beautiful destinations that have not yet been touched by commercialization, then this charming fishing village is just the place to visit.

This tranquil town is perfect for surfers and is also popular among hikers and horseback riders. Most noteworthy, the Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve, a crucial biological landmark in the country, is located very close to this village.

5) Playa Jaco
Playa Jaco, situated only two hours away from the famous city of San Jose, is very popular because it offers a wide range of activities. These include gorgeous white sand beaches, wildlife forests, and some exciting nightlife clubbing activities.

This is an ideal destination to unwind, relax, eat some good food, and do nothing for a day, surrounded by a new party and holiday atmosphere around you. It is also quite famous for its surfing waves.

6) Tortuguero National Park
This park is among the most frequently visited parks in Costa Rica. Although it is in a remote region in the northeastern part of Costa Rica that is not easily accessible other than by boat or airplane. And that in itself speaks volumes about the popularity of the park.

That aside, the park is among the most prominent turtle conservatories in the western Caribbean region. And if you visit during the right season, you might be lucky enough to witness the turtles nesting and hatching right on the beach.

7) Museo del Oro Precolombino
Located in San Jose, the capital city of Costa Rica, this museum, containing over 1,500 artifacts from 500 AD, is one of the top places to visit in San Jose. The building is also home to two other museums: ‘Casa de Moneda,’ which shows the history of money minting in Costa Rica, and the National Coin Museum, which has a coin collection that goes back to 1236. Those interested in learning history should make some space in their itinerary for this iconic museum.

8) Chirripo National Park
Spanning over a wide area that covers San Jose, Limon, and Cartago in the southern parts of Costa Rica, this park is known for protecting a wide array of wildlife animals. This park takes its name from Cerro Chirripo, the country’s highest mountain.

The park is rich with beautiful treeless mountains, glacial lakes, marshlands, and lush green forests, among other landscapes. You will also find a wide range of animal and plant species located in this park.

9) Alajuela
Alajuela is a charming colonial city, strangely still mostly untouched by tourists. It lies amidst the peaks of the impossibly beautiful Central Valley. Alajuela is the second-largest city in all of Costa Rica. This city is rooted in history, and that can be seen in almost every corner of this beautiful city, which still holds a large patriotic sentiment. This city also has the best view of the Poas Volcano, the top spot for crater viewing in the entire world.

10) Cartago
This city was the first capital of Costa Rica, for almost three centuries, until 1854 when San Jose claimed the title. The town was once affected by a significant earthquake in the early 1900s, and though it was later rebuilt, the old charm of the city is still visible in few areas of the city. The leading attractions here are the Basilica of Our Lady of the Angels, and the Santiago Apostol in the Plaza Mayor.

Costa Rica has a lot to offer to its visitors and is the perfect place to visit for your next big vacation. So don’t waste any more time, and book your holiday to Costa Rica today!


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