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4 Things To Consider Before Buying Diamond Jewellery

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How much better can you say it than with a diamond? Diamonds enable you to make those all-important statements, declarations, and pronouncements elegantly. Diamond jewellery is ever a symbol of power, prestige, and wealth. And diamonds are forever!

Diamonds are a woman's best companion. Diamond jewellery is an essential aspect for all special occasions in a woman's life, including birthday parties, weddings, the birth of the first child, anniversaries, and other special events.

Diamond jewellery makes a woman gorgeous. It highlights her personality by enhancing the feminine look. The jewellery boosts a woman's confidence and helps to bring out her beauty and style.

As a man, diamond jewellery is one of the best gifts you can offer your sweetheart. There is a wide variety of diamond jewellery you can choose from, including all types of rings (engagement, wedding, statement rings, etc.), earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and designer diamond jewellery.

Diamond jewellery helps to create beautiful memories. Almost every family has a gorgeous heirloom estate engagement ring or necklace that is passed down from a grandmother or mother.

Other than as gifts, diamonds also have other benefits including;

 Suitable for every occasion;

Diamond jewellery has become popular as part of a woman's daily outfit. It's elegant and sparkling beauty can complement even the most casual dress. Moreover, it can boost your formal outfit to greater heights. A diamond jewellery collection will ensure everything you wear is stunning.

 A great investment;

Diamond jewellery has good resale value if you choose it wisely.

 Spiritual benefits;

Feng shui experts say that diamonds are endowed with strength and protection. They believe that diamonds transfer these qualities to people wearing them. So you can wear your diamonds with greater confidence in the knowledge that you have some extraordinary power on your side.

The timelessness of diamond jewellery makes it an excellent choice when you are buying jewellery.

Four things to consider before buying diamond jewellery

It is almost impossible to judge the differences in quality between two diamonds with the naked eye. It is, therefore, essential to know and understand the characteristics of diamonds while you are purchasing them.

Diamonds quality can be graded on 4Cs or four factors; the cut, clarity, colour, and carat. The 4Cs are an essential tool in the evaluation of diamonds. They have become the standard of diamond quality assessment.

The four factors;

 Cut
The cut is the most important of the 4Cs because it is the fire and brilliance of the diamond that makes it valuable. In the absence of the cut, the carat, colour, and clarity will be of little significance.

A diamond with a proper cut enables light to reflect and refract internally — the light exits from the top, which causes a dazzling effect. Conversely, an improperly cut diamond will emit light on the sides and at the bottom, making it dull. So the cut and polishing of a diamond affect its fire, brilliance, and sparkle.

An ideally cut diamond will allow you to compromise on the other Cs and still have a stone with exceptional fire, sparkle, and brilliance. A well-cut diamond hides flaws causing it to pop and sparkle with brilliance.

So it is the fire, sparkle, and the brilliance of a diamond that makes it valuable. If you want high quality diamond jewellery with a fantastic sparkle, look for diamonds that are cut with precision.

 Clarity

Clarity refers to the presence of flaws or identifying marks on the surface and inside the diamond. There are two types of defects; blemishes and inclusions.

Blemishes are the flaws on the surface, while inclusions are the internal ones. Often, it is cutting that causes blemishes. They include scratches, pits, and chips. Inclusions include non-diamond materials, cracks, and air bubbles inside the diamond.

Diamonds can have both types of flaws at the same time. In grading diamonds, all defects are referred to as inclusions. The clarity scale ranges from flawless to heavily included. The fire, brilliance, and beauty of the diamond are affected by the number and size of the flaws.

 Colour

When it comes to diamonds, colour means clearness. In other words, higher grade diamonds have lesser visible colour. So, the clearer the diamond, the higher will be its value. The degree of the colour of diamonds is tested over a spectrum that ranges from colorless (D) to significantly colored (Z).

Mucky yellowish or brownish diamonds have a low rating. Grade one (1) diamonds have some visible yellow color. White diamonds range from D to H on the scale.

A colorless diamond emits more sparkle and brilliance because it lets more light to pass through it than a colored one.

 Carat

Carat is the most widely misunderstood of the 4Cs. The weigh of diamonds is measured in a unit called carat. It only reflects the size and weight of the diamond but does not determine its fire or brilliance. A carat is equal to 0.2 grams (200 milligrams) or a fifth of a gram.

Choosing diamond jewellery can be difficult. You should book an appointment with a reputable jeweller to assist you. Ovadia Jewellery has an excellent collection to fill all of your needs. They have a friendly team that can help you with everything, including size guides and styles.
The family-run jewellers have been among the top jewellery shops in Hatton Garden for more than 30 years.


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