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Best Hair Transplant In The World: Cosmeticium Hair Transplantation in Turkey

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Are you suffering from hair loss or any other hair challenge and in need of a hair transplant? Your hair is a vital aspect of yourself because it represents your thoughts, beliefs, and personality. It is, therefore, essential to have a healthy crop of hair, and the Cosmeticium Hair Transplant clinic in Turkey is the best place to get a hair transplant.

As a man, your hair is a critical part of your body because it is a reflection of your vitality and helps you to attract partners. It is also an indication of your image, confidence, and sometimes your career.

As a woman, your hair contributes significantly to your motives, actions, and self-esteem. It can be a reflection of your beauty, identity, feminity, and freedom.

Hair loss is normal in a mature adult, and it should never cause you to worry or even lower your self-esteem. Modern hair transplants technology has made it possible to handle hair issues and give you a great crop of hair. Turkey is the best option for hair transplants.

Benefits of a hair transplant in Turkey

There are many advantages of getting your hair transplantation in Turkey including;

 The most popular hair transplant destination;

Statistics show that over 60,000 people travel to Turkey for hair transplants annually.

 Attractive packages;

Turkey has the least hair transplantation costs. The prices include direct flights to Istanbul, all transportation, accommodation, and transfer fees to and from the airport.

 Quick and high quality treatment;

Doctors in Turkey perform about 5000 hair transplants daily. You can receive the treatment on the same day and so you don't need to wait for two to three days as in most of the facilities in Western Europe.

 High quality pre-operation care;

Before the operation, you will be given all the necessary information. They will also take the utmost care in preparing you for the procedure.

 Premium accommodation and transportation;
Turkey has high-class hotels and professional transport services. Also, accommodation and transportation costs are much lower in Turkey compared to other countries.

 Language;

Many of the health care professionals communicate in English.

Where do you get hair transplantation in Turkey?

Cosmeticium is among the best hair transplantation centers in turkey. It is a world-class clinic with a team of highly talented and experienced surgeons. The facility is well equipped with ultramodern specialized tools that provide gentle hair transplant services with excellent results. This a renowned clinic has performed over 10,000 hair transplants.

Cosmeticium offers world-class health care services and their hair transplantation procedures provide you with natural, outstanding, and permanent hair and facial results.

The center is famous because they have modern infrastructure and equipment. They use the latest technology to provide top-level medical diagnosis and hair treatment.

What makes Cosmeticium Hair Transplantation Clinic the best option?

Cosmeticium has an Award-winning hair transplantation team. The team has vast experience in attending to a wide array of clients.

The hair professionals will carry out your hair transplant treatment plan in three days. Depending on your hair, the hair procedure itself will take six to eight hours. The doctors use the best techniques to ensure you heal in the shortest time possible, and most importantly, you have no visible scars after the procedure.

The operation is so smooth and efficient that you can book your flight home.

Which services does Cosmeticium Hair Transplantation clinic offer?

Cosmeticium hair transplantation center offers a range of hair treatment services including;

 FUE hair transplant;

Follicle Unit Extraction (FUE) is a procedure that involves manual implanting of the extracted grafts. FUE hair treatment is an outstanding procedure that produces clean and natural hair transplantation results.

The doctor opens micro holes referred to as "canal" in the area with hair loss. It is the most crucial stage of the FUE procedure because it determines the density and nature of the process.

The canals must be in the appropriate angle to allow the hair to come out. The density must also be close to natural hair, and the canal's depth is adjusted to ensure successful results.

 DHI hair transplant;

The Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) procedure uses tools known as DHI pens to plant hair in the affected area. The method doesn't require the opening of canals beforehand. Hair strands are inserted in the pens and directly implanted in the appropriate spaces. The canals are the exact size of the graft and, therefore, there is much less bleeding and transplantation marks.

The treatment involves three stages;

Collection - A tool known as a micromotor is used to remove and collect hair strands that are less than one in diameter from the scalp. There are no cuts or scars, and the collected strands are suitable for immediate transplantation.

Arrangement - The collected hairs are carefully inserted in the pens that have suitable canals for the height of the strand.

Plantation - The strands in the pens are implanted directly in the hairless portion. So the opening of canals and the implanting of the hair occur at the same time. It ensures smooth hair transfer and a suitable angle and depth in the area.

The DHI method is safe, painless, and produces natural results.

 Beard transplantation;

A beard and a moustache enhance a man's appearance. Beard transplantation and moustache transplantation offer the best solution for hair loss caused by testosterone. The treatment is also ideal for men who want a more appealing beard or moustache.

 Eyebrow Transplantation;

The thinning of eyebrow hair can cause bald spots in the brows. Eyebrow hair loss occurs in men and women. Eyebrow transplants are the most natural and low maintenance solution for both women and men. Hair transplanted in the eyebrow area will begin to multiply at the beginning, so it’s important to trim it regularly. The growth rate slows down over time

 Non-Surgical Treatments PRP;

PRP is an innovative treatment for hair thinning or hair loss caused by androgenic alopecia. The therapy helps to strengthen weakening hair and prevent hair loss. It is an essential therapy in hair transplantation.

It is employed in all hair transplantations undertaken at the Clinic to boost hair transplantation results. The treatment improves the post-operative healing process and also promotes hair growth and thickness after the hair transplantation operation.

PRP hair therapy is ideal for both men and women who have thin hair. The PRP treatment supports the newly transplanted hair roots giving them the best possible start and encourages healthy hair growth. PRP treatment can produce excellent results for patients with hardly any hair.

The Cosmeticium offers professional and exceptional hair transplant services with excellent results.

Contact the Cosmeticium Hair Transplantation Centre for further information and inquiries.

Photo by Micha L. Rieser


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