Final Notes - Language is the software of the mind

Why what you listen to, determine your actions

Language is the software of the mind because it changes the raw story in your mind. What you listen and believe will program your mind and what is in your mind will determine your actions. The more you do depends on how many applications your mind has. The fewer programs your mind has, the less you can do. What you can do is limited to your knowledge. If you know a lot you can do a lot. If you don’t know much you will be limited to that. If your mind is fed on the wrong information and believes it, you become evil by doing wrong things.

The mind is programmable. That is why we have only men and women in the world, but with different lives. Some are successful some are not; some are killers while some are compassionate and help people. A compassionate person can become evil and an evil person can change his or her ways for good, sometimes even better than most good people can.  It is because the mind is programmable.

You don’t need big jumper cables to be attached to your mind for you to think different, no. it all but what you listen and what kind of information is passing through your earlobes and eyes to your mind. If this information sticks to your mind and you believe it, you will not just think differently, but you will start doing things differently.

The reason why you will not go rob a bank on my say so is that you believe and know stealing is wrong. For you to actually use the information until you go rob a bank you have to unlearn what you know about stealing and start believing that stealing is okay. This is what they call brainwashing.

Brainwashing is the reason why citizens fight against each other because the Politicians are in disagreement. The Politician needs just to say something even via radio or TV and justify why your neighbour is now your enemy. If you believe it, you start thinking differently about your neighbour and then that determines your next action.

 Whether you decide to hate them or still love them that’s all upon you. We all know it’s wrong since you know your neighbour well, the politician has never even seen you or your neighbour.  But when you keep hearing it over and over everywhere you go on social media, radio etc. it begins to affect you. You will not see it coming but that’s how brainwashing works.
The best way to counteract this is by feeding your mind with positive information. Listen to something else that actually builds you. If you keep swimming in water no matter how hot the sun is, you will end up wet.  Obvious right? Why not apply this in life? If you keep feeding or exposing your mind to negativity, you will always have negative energy around you. You will end up doing negative things, which won’t keep you happy. Watch, listen or read something that calms you down and keeps in a positive state instead.

While people around you are busy destroying their lives you will be in this bubble that gives you bliss to improve your life and those of others.

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