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The power of the mind

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Sometimes we may not be aware of our thoughts because thinking is unconditioned. The mind is unconscious and most of our thoughts happen without judgment. You easily let go of your freedom if you don’t control your mind from wandering. Your mind is consistently flooded with all kinds of noise- thoughts, ideas, information from you and your surroundings. This noise intrudes into your mind consciously or unconsciously. Your behavior and attitude are affected so much by what you allow in your mind. The thoughts you allow automatically designs your life. You are the product of your mind, thinking about it? Yeah, you definitely are. You can easily lose your mental freedom by allowing any thought in your mind. Your mind is your life, filter what goes into it.
You need to become the king of your mind. It is very possible to decide what to think about and even stop thinking whenever you want. Now, that is being the boss of your mind. When your mind controls you, you possibly are having the same kind of thoughts every time day after day. This makes you live the same kind of life. This is to say, a shift in your thoughts causes a change in your life either positively or negatively. It’s possible to silence your mind when you control it. Yes, you are more than your thoughts and your mind, you are great and beyond your mind. And remember this, your mind is very effective when there is no noise- quietness in thoughts.
There is one secret to live and enjoy-when you are aware of the true inner man. This is easily achieved when your mind is free, free from any thoughts or distractions. Success and failure are tied in your mind. Everything you are starts in your mind, and you can master it. If you master your mind, you are able to rise above it. Your thoughts are very powerful and they are the result of the person you are. Filter your thoughts, rise above your mind and become its boss. There is power in your mind which shapes the kind of person you are and you would become. Conquer your mind and live happily.


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