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What is True Wealth?

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What is True Wealth?

Wealth has a different meaning for every person. It depends on one’s interests, values and generally who you are. Wealth is the value of possessions that one has. Personally, I have grown up knowing that being wealthy is having a lot of money, having an expensive car and a mansion house. I have had this thought that, when you have everything that money can buy then, of course, you are wealthy. But I have come to realize that wealth altogether is something different.
True wealth is more than money. This is to say, you can have all that money can buy but that doesn’t guarantee fulfilment. There is always an endless cycle to get better stuff after each step of purchase so as to meet your high expectations. And even after you do, you realize you are not satisfied. Financial happiness doesn’t come by a different and better life that wealth can buy. You need to overcome the deception of wealth as living a different lifestyle and start living the reality. Start living in your own terms. I mean, living reality of focusing on the things that matter most to your life.
Now, True wealth is when you design your life in a way that makes you feel alive and fulfilled. This experience brings about happiness and personal freedom. The freedom that comes without anxiety, freedom to do what you wish and be what you want to be. This freedom gives you the ability to experience life. True wealth revolves around many aspects- Money, happiness, time, health, attitude, relationships. Anything you desire to be or have to view your life as successful define true wealth for you.
True wealth is defined by happiness and contentment in all aspects of your life. You are very rich when you are content with the least you have. And as Buddhists say, Contentment is the greatest wealth. Money is just a vehicle to drive you wherever you wish but it is not how much you have that counts. What matters is how happy you are and how you enjoy what you have.


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