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How to live healthy life 1.

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How to live healthy life

1. Walk when is possible. It is good to have a sedentary work life whenever you can. Sometimes it’s noble to pick something when it’s a walking distance instead of traveling by a car.
2.Eat mostly unprocessed food
Watching your diet is key to a healthy lifestyle. Your diet should consist of veggies, fruits, white meat like fish
Chicken and grains
3.Getting a sound sleep
Always never sleep with your phone gad in your room it’s advisable to leave your gadget 30 min before sleep
4.Exercise and meditation
It’s to do exercises like jogging taking aerobics for cadio it’s healthy. Meditation is also good for example like doing yoga for mental health .
5.Avoid Negativity
Being positive and optimistic gives someway right attitude towards life and contributes happiness mood in someone’s life
6. Cut toxic relationship
Always avoid physical or mental abuse relationship


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