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How Modern Farming is changing lives

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Farming is an area of land cultivated for the purpose of agricultural products.It can also be a peace of land set aside to raise and bread domestic animals or an area of water devoted to the raising,breeding or production of a specific aquatic animal
Generating energy by converting its form to a difference source by multiple electric generators its a wind Farm
A piece of land with a group of similar devices or storage containers set up is a Tank farm or server farm

There different types of farming
Irrigation farming
Arable farming(crop farming)
Mixed farming(crops and animals)
Subsistence.This is where by a farmer grows only for him and his family
Commercial farming.This is when a farmer grow crops for sell
Extensive farming this means low input of labour or capital
Intensive farming.Its when the farmer has high inputs of labour or capital is usually small
Sedentary farming.This is a permanent farming
Farms are system with inputs,output and processes

Agriculture began thousands of years ago.There are different types of farming such as traditional farming and modern farming.
They differ from each other in a big way
Tradition farming uses traditional and old age agriculture equipment while modern farming uses modern farming equipment
Intensive farming equipment combined with scientific knowledge and modern technology with traditional farming can be termed as Organic farming

Lets all embrace the modern farming so that we can gain more benefits


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